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Discord doing weightlifting surrounded by a powerful
                    white/light blue aura, very blurry. At the bottom, the text
                    'MirkoDiTV - Eurobeat Brony - Discord - Dubstep remix' is
                    visible, in all caps, in a green/light blue font colour.

Discord (MirkoDiTV remix)
March the 17th, 2024

Clash of Clans troops running towards the viewer, a
                             barbarian is surrounded by a white border. Text 'MirkoDiTV'
                             next to a logo is at the bottom of the image.

Clash of Clans battle theme (MirkoDiTV remix)
November the 26th, 2023

A yellow rubber duck at the beach. Song title and artist name are, respectively, at the top and at the bottom of the image.

June the 9th, 2023
CC BY-SA 3.0 Happy hardcore

'Freedom to Rave', 'MirkoDiTV', 'feat. Ameline' texts on an AI-generated futuristic, hi-tech rave background at sunset.

MirkoDiTV feat. Ameline - Freedom to Rave
April the 9th, 2023
CC BY-SA 3.0 Happy hardcore

'La Birdoj',
                    'MirkoDiTV' texts on a background featuring a wolf that has
                    a bird right under it. The image resembles a 2016-era
                    YouTube clickbait thumbnail, and there's a shocked emoji to
                    top it all off.

MirkoDiTV - La Birdoj
March the 25th, 2023
CC BY-SA 3.0 Electro house

The name of the song plus an Amogus
                             and the artist name with glitch FX

MirkoDiTV - For the Win
February the 20th, 2022
CC BY-SA 3.0 Happy hardcore

early music

This section contains some old stuff I made when I was just starting off. It's very creative to say the least, and I enjoyed making all of these, but unfortunately they're not consoomer-ready. They're not even mastered, so be careful, they could hurt your precious, delicate ears!

Very big 'Bass in tha Night - MirkoDiTV' text, a
                             night sky picture in the background

MirkoDiTV - Bass in tha Night
January the 21st, 2022

A Minecraft bed with three black stripes on it

MirkoDiTV - Awake
November the 11th, 2021
CC BY 3.0 EDM/Hardbass

CSS logo with SpongeBob-raver in front of it

MirkoDiTV - CSS feat. SpongeBob & Patrick
November the 6th, 2021
CC BY 3.0 Hardcore

GigaChad drinking vodka

MirkoDiTV - Chadbass
October the 28th, 2021
CC BY 3.0 Hardbass