'La Birdoj',
                    'MirkoDiTV' texts on a background featuring a wolf that has
                    a bird right under it. The image resembles a 2016-era
                    YouTube clickbait thumbnail, and there's a shocked emoji to
                    top it all off.

La Birdoj

MirkoDiTV's very first house track.


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Video license: CC BY-SA 4.0

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The lore

First published on SoundCloud in 2022 as "La Birdoj (PREVIEW)", this is my first house song.

Its backstory is really interesting. It all started with a great Monstercat-like melody idea I was having, that I later decided to try and put down in LMMS' piano roll.

Back then, I was going through my club house phase: I used to listen to Eric Prydz's Pjanoo almost every day.... so once I'd gotten everything ready, I started my production session, and got creative.

I wanted to do something similar to Eric's stuff, so I added some nice piano playing to the project.

When I was done producing, I uploaded a very early version of the track to SoundCloud, and shared it with my LMMS mates so that they could tell me what genre they thought La Birdoj was.

Well, turns out I'd just created some banger electro/club house. Unfortunately, I couldn't master it properly, yet, because I needed some free software loudness maximiser plugin. And to this day, I still haven't found one, so I decided to create my own: LibreMiser.

The project is still in its early stages, so I needed some temporary replacement. I decided to use free software AI to master my song, and here are results!

This song is by far the most reuploaded I've ever made (and I like that!). Just look it up on YouTube, loads of vids will pop up.

The title

"La Birdoj" is Esperanto for "The Birds". Why that title? IDK, it sounded good.

Why is there a wolf in the cover if "La Birdoj" means "The Birds"? Well, the song contains Trancwolve's howling. That is all. And there's a bird too, under the wolf, if you didn't notice.

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