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                    containing a Minecraft with a three striped duvet


A creative hardbass and EDM-ish track inspired by the morning. By MirkoDiTV.


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Oh hey there! Enjoy this new, a little slower and shorter hardbass track of mine which is actually older than all my previous ones lol.

I woke up some time ago with an idea for some build-up thing, so I immediately got outta bed and wrote it down. I started working on it as soon as I could but as time went on I began losing interest in the project. Recently, though, I decided to continue the project and finish it once for all, so here it is! (This is where the title "Awake" comes from).

As always, it is Free as in Freedom made with free software exclusively, you're free to share, copy, distribute, improve, remix and study (if that's even possible) this song as long as you give proper credit. LMMS project files of all my songs will be available too as soon as I get my new website working.

That was it for today, enjoy the track!

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