SpongeBob raver with raver wear in the foreground and a CSS logo in the background.

CSS feat. SpongeBob & Patrick

An old-school hardcore/gabber track made in LMMS by MirkoDiTV.


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Licensed under CC BY 3.0 cuz SoundCloud is dumb (woulda liked to GPL it, but gave up on that), this is my first attempt to make some kinda old school hardcore song. It features the amazing vocalists SpongeBob and Patrick, which have all of a sudden become experienced programmers and tech enthusiasts, lol. BPM is 215, I know, that is not much at all (but for me it is because I am used to S3RL's songs). The song name's CSS cuz I'm at the moment very focused on working on my website and CSS's been torturing me lately.

Made with free (as in freedom) software DAW LMMS, the song is very bad but, I mean, it's my first hardcore song. You're free to share, improve, remix, copy and do whatever you want to this song as long as you credit me. Hope you enjoy it, I plan on publishing all of my songs' LMMS projects on my website, as soon as I get it, hahah.

Vocals and LMMS project for this song are located at git.mirkodi.eu.

Other info


[SpongeBob]: I'd just like to interject for a moment:
what you are referring to as Linux,
is in fact "GNU/Linux",
or, as I've recently taken to calling it,
"GNU + Linux".

This free as in freedom operating system,
even supports browsers,
that can make use of

C. S. S.


C. S. S.


[Patrick]: Ha-ha, C-S-S, get it?