Chadbass song cover, featuring GigaChad with gopnik three
                         stripes wear and drinking vodka


MirkoDiTV's very first hardbass track.


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First hardbass song of mine made entirely with free software (LMMS and Ardour). Features a good amounte bASS and DONKS (thanks to uamee for those). BPM: 169, nice.

You're free to modify, improve, remix and share this song at your liking as long as you give me credit (sorry, I really don't care about credit best SoundCloud allows me to do is use an attribution Creative Commons license).

So, now go grab some vodka and squat comfortly 'cause you're going to discover what true slavness* is.

*I'm not slav so I apologize in case the song is not tri poloski enough.

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