I make music

And that's a fact. I've always liked EDM and all of its subgenres. My favourites definitely are hardbass, hardcore and happy hardcore. I like techno, glitch hop, psytrance, speedcore, dubstep and others, too.

MirkoDiTV - La Birdoj


One day I was bored, so I looked up something like "how to create music for free" on Google (at that time I didn't even know what "free software" and "privacy" meant) and I found a couple tutorials that helped me getting started. I created a song called "Heartbeat", look it up, I challenge you to find it. It wasn't very good, but it was my real first music attempt.

Time passed and I totally forgot about this hobby of mine.

In late 2021, though, I once again happened to feel bored, so I decided to fire up LMMS in my Void GNU/Linux setup and start making some hardbass just to flex upon my friends. And that's how I got into music production. I produce it under the pen name "MirkoDiTV".

where to find it

My tracks are DRM-free, usually licensed CC BY 3.0, and available on multiple platforms. Here's a complete list:

You can also find my music on the following proprietary websites, which unfortunately impose DRM (see Defective by Design):


My DAW of choice is LMMS. It is free software. I compose and mix there. When I'm done, I do my mastering using the Matchering AI, and I will continue to use this neat piece of software until I finish working on LibreMiser. At the very end of this process, I fire up Audacium and cut away the boring first and last sixty-four bars found in the DJ edits, to create ready-to-consoom final radio edits of my tracks.

I usually combine multiple genres in one, creating unique (and, why not, "weird") tracks that can't really be identified by a "music genre" tag. (Update: this is not true anymore, because I'm trying to stick to rules of genres I like, while still putting creativity in what I do. That was just cope). That said though, all of my songs can easily be classified as EDM.

I like fast music, and by fast I mean at least 140 BPM, preferably from 175 to 999 BPM. Other elements that make me like a song are kicks, powerful ones, and drops (of course, everybody likes a good drop).

The talented Hard Bass School duo, Davay and DJ Blyatman are my main inspiration sources when I do harbass. When I do happy hardcore, it's all S3RL and Technikore. Lastly, TheFatRat, OMFG, Razihel, Skrillex and Goblins from Mars also really changed the way I view, listen to and produce music, both as an art and as a science, whatever that means (I just thought this sounded good).

My music used to be "open-source" up until May 2024. I used to post the "sauce code", the project files to, kind of (there were non-free sample dependencies), reproduce the results you can hear.
Since the request for such sources was absent, I decided to discontinue the efforts of providing them. It was too much of hassle, and nobody used them.
If you want me to send you the project files, I still can! Just ask me.